Fogging Your Facility


Our dry fogging system uses Path-Away® and compressed air to decontaminate and sanitize the air and surfaces quickly and easily. Dry fogging not only fills the air more fully than other methods, but dries quickly as well. And unlike a misting, which falls on the surfaces, fogging molecules are much smaller and tend to rise, filling the air and disinfecting more physical air space as it lifts and falls. Then because of the smaller molecules, it dries more quickly than does misting.

Pathogreen can respond to your request within 24 hours, and most large businesses can be completed in less than 8 hours. Weekends are never an issue. Pricing depends on the total square footage covered.

It's crucial to find a safe and compliant substance. Every disinfectant that claims to kill viruses and bacteria does not offer a chemical free solution which is FDA approved, fully organic, non-GMO. Not every product is going to provide safety for your family, breathing and dining among these sanitizing substances and chemicals.

The Path-Away® line of products is the result of that global search. All products contain a proprietary ingredient formulated from a classified plant extract process. That proprietary product is Certified Organic Input and Certified Non-GMO. Scientifically developed in the USA, our products have not used animals during any portion of the research and development process. A key goal of Dr. Martin was that these products would not only be effective but safe enough for his own children and grandchildren while also taking environmental stewardship into account.

The coronavirus is not a food-borne illness, but a respiratory one. But basic hygiene and safety protocols are the same. Every worker in every business should be properly washing hands, and cleaning and sanitizing according to their schedules, and restaurants should be following their local Board of Health guidelines.




$125 per 1,000 sqft

Fogging can usually be done within one day, depending on square footage.

DRY FOG - so dries in 5-10 minutes. Vinyl and hard surfaces can be wiped if needed.

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