The M3 Misting System


The M3 System Machine

Our team of Mechanical and Chemical Engineers working closely with one of the country’s premier manufacturing facilities has developed cutting edge technology to bring Proactive Pandemic Protection to residential, commercial, industrial, medical, educational and retail facilities.

Our system is highly advanced technology in a compact, easy to install, simple to operate package.

Dual voltage capability is built right in.


Our proprietary sequence of operation is built into a compact pumping and control module that can be installed inside your air handler, on the exterior or on an adjacent wall. This module is designed to input only one of two authorized organic based products effective against harmful pathogens. Our proprietary sequencing of frequency and amount of product input has been scientifically tested in more than 4,000 buildings worldwide. We assure you of maximum results with minimum costs.


Based on the micron size output we require to maximize the Brownian Motion effect, our dispersion nozzle was designed and selected to work only with our component package. There are multiple options for mounting the dispersion nozzle based on your particular air handler configuration.


To ensure a proper fluid pickup and delivery to the pumping and control module, our engineers designed the Foot Valve with a weighted bottom so it will stay upright in the fluid reservoir. It has been designed with no moving parts for trouble free, dependable operation.


US Patent Pending #62/706,137
UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed
UL 60730-1
UL 778
CSA/C22.2 No. 108


Path-Away® Protectant Solution

Utilizing Nature to Relieve Nature’s Ills

Path-Away® SolutionOur passion has been driven by a desire to establish the highest efficacy products while applying the principal that natural products can alleviate health and wellness issues that are only partially restored with alcohol, chemical or drug-based products. Dr. Martin has interacted with both the traditional and the non-traditional medicinal world for over 30 years on a global scale.

He has taken that open minded outlook and gleaned the best practices from both worlds to produce products capable of controlling problems related to fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses in people, on plants and with animals.

Product components are carefully evaluated before inclusion in any of our product line. They are checked and cross checked for recognition on lists such as the FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), EPA Allowable Substances, and/or multiple Organic Approved Products.

Health without safety is not health at all. Safety is priority.

The Process

Finding efficacious products is not difficult. Mixing them to make an end product is also not difficult. What is difficult however, is developing a time-tested process to do so that will provide the utmost efficacy across a wide range of pathogens.

Dr. Martin and his team spent four (4) years sorting out components that would be effective and safe. Another three (3) years were spent developing the initial process of compounding to produce a stable, biodegradable, sequentially blended process that produces exponential efficacy as compared to standardized commodities for better health.

Countless combinations of product sequencing, changes in time, temperature and pressure at each stage of the process were initiated, evaluated, had results calculated and tested in Certified Laboratories globally with the result producing the safest, most effective group of products available to impact human, animal and plant health.

The efficacy list ranges from simple pathogens such as Salmonella and E-coli on up to death dealing pathogens such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the current pandemic scourge of COVID-19 (SARS CoV2). It includes MRSA and C-diff. Our list is fully substantiated by laboratory testing in the most highly qualified and respected laboratories in the United States and numerous foreign countries.